Can we get one thing straight? It’s the media that’s hyping this Tkachuk vs. Doughty feud. THey don’t want to talk about it. But media needs something to talk about and are blowing this rivalry out of proportion. Not that it doesn’t make for exciting hockey, but it’s working against the Flames.

Calgary didn’t even show up for the first. They were dead. It was by far the worst period they’ve played all season. Which isn’t saying much (hahah). So let’s say it’s the worst first period in recent memory. David Rittich with one soft goal, but he kept the flames in it early. He should get a rest for next game.

Matthew tkachuk did back up his words, two goals and one assist. But it’s not good enough. If you want to talk a big game then you have to WIN the game. Drew Doughty had a nice time taunting the fans scoring in OT after Bennett took a lazy penalty. As for Doughty, he’s one of the bitchiest players on the ice. You can hear him in the microphones bitching non stop. No other player is like that.

These two teams meet up in two weeks. We’ll see if Calgary decides to show up for that one.

Of note, James Neal with a 4 GOAL night. Lucic with a fight. Ya, we lost that one. Shows how poorly Neal played, and that was just an attitude issue. What a guy.