Calgary couldn’t hold on as Columbus scored two goals with three minutes left and won in a shoot-out, Calgary’s first of the season, to steal two points. The Flames demonstrated yet again why they are the league’s worse–they can’t beat the league’s worse. Maybe the logic doesn’t work, but this team could’ve put three wins away before heading to stiffer competition with Edmonton and Vancouver next, but instead they took a snooze early and late.

It doesn’t help that nobody is scoring. Jarome Iginla is MIA. the talk around town is life without Iginla. But let’s face it, the return we’d ever get for him is negligible to the value he brings on and off the ice. Since that’s (likely) a moot point, then the coaching staff should do something to put some players who’re going to work hard on his line. Iginla has played his entire career without two other complementary players.

Players seemingly turning it around include Rene Bourque who played a big game. He still can’t pass worth a damn, but when he wants to play he can. He scored the Flames’ third goal and what should’ve been the game winner.

As Rene Bourque upped his game the likes of Curtis Glencross has fallen right off the map. Sutter would do right if he put him where he belongs–on the third line–and bring Tanguay up to the ‘first line’. Frankly, Iginla’as line is now the defacto third line.

Cory Sarich factored back into the lineup and looked like a slow overpaid defenceman, vintage Sarich. I’m curious to see if the FLames try another rookie Saturday. Certainly can’t be worse.

Calgary’s fate will be determined on the weekend, if it hasn’t already. Two more losses against Vancouver and Edmonton will put the nails in the coffin and force management to do something now and focus harder on major rebuilds.

Until then, the Flames will continue to flounder at the bottom of the league losing everything from face-offs to powerplays. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.