The final score does not reflect how badly the Flames were outplayed. We’re used to a 1-0 game between these two teams, but a rare night of average goaltending by Kiprusoff put the Predators ahead. After scoring the first goal early Calgary was consistently outworked and outchanced until the game was out of reach.

It just wouldn’t be Flames hockey if 1/3 of the team didn’t show up.

With no lines other than the first one putting any form of pressure it’s time for a shakeup. You can’t really recall more players from the minors since 5 are already up. The second line is mostly non-existent, but when they do show up, a la Bourque, good things happen. Again, that neve rhappesn for 60 minutes.

Fourth line shifts are now ones where you wonder if Calgary is going to give up more chances than they score. Some youthful enthusiasm could help in that respect, but again, the team game from the Flames is lost and now without a win in 3 games Calgary needs to make something happen.

Whether you agree with it or not, the Flames are in fact in a playoff race. .600 hockey from here on in. It’s possible, but stretches of lazy hockey certainly won’t do it.

Notes: It certainly would help if the Flames had some key players as injuries are taking it’s toll. Without the likes of Moss, Tanguay, and Giordano, Calgary lacks considerable scoring.