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The Truck Keeps Rolling: Calgary 3 – SJ 1

Who do thought that at the beginning of the season come beginning of February the Calgary Flames would be sent in second and the Pacific division? Not I, not the pundits, not nobody. What do you think about… Read More

Come From Behind #9

Calgary Beats Edmonton Yet Again. It must be brutal being an Edmonton Oilers fan. The team had a two goal third period lead, but as we all know by now, third periods are a kind of specialty for… Read More

Calgary Flames Drop Crucial Winnable Game to Minnesota

Calgary had a chance to prove they were a playoff caliber team, even an 8th place team, but still, but they showed they’re the same old tired Flames. A couple of moments where you thought they’d get in… Read More

Flames Return for 4-1 Win Over Buffalo

The Calgary Flames have a knack for losing to teams with below .500 ratings. Buffalo came into the city with an 11 game losing streak under their belt. Calgary, after a brief All-Star break, looked to find their… Read More

Calgary Drops Second in a Row Versus Detroit

Flames 2 – Wings 3 The Calgary Flames currently sit 9th in the Conference and show signs of being a good team. Only problem is, good isn’t good enough. In every facet of the game the team lacks…. Read More

Three in a Row, Back to Back Against LA: Calgary 2 – LA 1

After losing eight the Flame shave now turned the tide around Christmas and registered their third in a row beating an elite team in LA twice. It helps that the lowly Edmonton Oilers are in the mix, but… Read More

Another Come From Behind Win, Jonny Hockey with Hat-Trick: Calgary 4 – LA 3 (OT)

Honestly, didn’t expect this one to turn out in a win. After dropping EIGHT straight with only a point in all 8 the Flames arrived in LA facing what should’ve been their ninth straight loss. There’s little offence… Read More

Flames Lose Seventh in a Row

And just like that the fairy-tale season for the Calgary Flames is done. Sure, there’s still hope they can run .500 from here on in and maybe squeak in, but without any form of offensive scoring you can… Read More

No Regression. Flames Drop Third in Row: Calgary 3 – Buffalo 4

It’s always going to be close, but close isn’t good enough when all you need is W’s. What separates playoff teams from the rest is how you deal with adversity, particularly preventing multiple losses. Three in a row… Read More

Josh Jooris Hat-Trick: Calgary 5 – Arizona 2

Getting the most bang for your buck, that’s what the Calgary Flames are doing this season, second in the league currently for points divided by total salary. It helps when rookies like Josh Jooris are scoring and helping… Read More