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Losers Four Times: Calgary 1 – Washington 3

Rene Bourque Dragging Team Down

**Upcoming rant on Bourque, don’t read if you think he’s a great hockey player.**

The Calgary Flames are spiraling downward at a pace that will put the season hopes out of reach by next week. Their inability to even generate shots on goal (paltry 19 tonight) make their play frustrating to watch, but even worse when it comes to generating much needed wins.

Leading the pack in pathetic play is none other than ice cold REne Bourque. I along with other thought that Kelly Hurdeys national call-out of Bourques play was a bit out of line, but given his recent play Bourque could use another reminder. He’s single handedly draggin the team down coasting on every shift, never passing the puck, and taking stupid penalties for no reason that end up hurting the team.

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Garbage in Garbage: Flames Losers Again: Calgary 3 – Nashville 5

The final score does not reflect how badly the Flames were outplayed. We’re used to a 1-0 game between these two teams, but a rare night of average goaltending by Kiprusoff put the Predators ahead. After scoring the first goal early Calgary was consistently outworked and outchanced until the game was out of reach.

It just wouldn’t be Flames hockey if 1/3 of the team didn’t show up.

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Flames Squander Points in Lazy Loss: Calgary 3 – Ottawa 4 (SO)

The Calgary Flames gave up more points against another team they should’ve handedly beat. Going up 3-0 in the first period the Flames took the foot off the gas for 45 minutes and ended up losing in overtime. Leland Irving started his third game up from the AHL and at times showed displays of brilliance, and some rookie mistakes. He was scrambly in tight around the crease but in no means was the cause of this loss.

The team as a whole thought they had it in the bag after the first period and were throughly dominated for the remaining two periods. This type of lazy play ‘a la Rene Bourque’ won’t get them any closer to the playoffs. Playing against sub .500 teams should be 2 points without question. Calgary gives up too many games against these kinds of teams.

Secondary Scoring Woes Mount

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Calgary Drops a Deuce in Long Island

Calgary has a knack–for losing. They beat up the best teams in the league and struggle against the worse. They’ve played Columbus three times and have lost twice; the only win coming in a shoot-out.

Tonight they faced a beatable Islanders but instead of putting NY on the ropes they were beaten in every facet of the game. Big fail Flames, a huge step backwards that continues to leave fans scratching their heads raw.

No time to sulk, OTtawa tomorrow.

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Flames Make it Four: Calgary 2 – Columbus 1 (SO)

What’s with the Flames and crappy NHL teams? They can beat Vancouver, Detroit, and Minnesota in a week, but then struggle against the haphazard Jackets. TOnight was no different. Columbus has 22 points on the season (worst in the NHL) and have already beaten the Flames twice this season. It looked like three until the third period when Jarome Iginla took matters into his own hands.

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One Word Win: Calgary 3 – Detroit 2

Although Detroit made it interesting in the latter stages one word describes this win: speed.

The Flames were moving the puck with authority and were right up with the Wings in terms of possession (until the third).

They’ll need more of the same, including some additional scoring help if they want to steal two points tonight against Vancouver. Bourque and Tanguay should be back in the lineup too.

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Calgary 2 – Minnesota 1

Calgary has a knack to win against NW Division teams taking 9 contests thus far including two against the Conference leading Minnesota Wild. Too bad that doesn’t translate into consistent wins for the Flames who are essentially where they were last season before Christmas. It’s unlikely the team will find a way to play over .600 hockey the rest of the way, but if you’re a Christmas cheer person then you never know….this could be a playoff year.

As for the game Minnesota would do well to remember one thing–dont wake up Jarome Iginla. You do that you’ll get knocked out figuratively and literally.

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Losers in Chicago. Flames 2 – Blackhawks 4

Don’t blame the refs for this loss, but of course that doesn’t mean we can’t gripe about it though. Yea, this was literally (a la Rob Lowe) the worst officiated game of the season with pointless call after pointless call, but Calgary wouldn’t have won the game let alone competed if the refs hadn’t handed the Original Six squad six powerplays. The stripes tried to even things out late in the game, but when you impact a game at the start there’s no use for a few ‘make up’ calls.

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Typical Terrible Flames: Calgary 4 – Tampa Bay 5 (OT)

Why does Florida have two NHL teams? I digress.

Calgary stunk out the joint again against a team that’s won one game in the past 9 (or maybe it’s seven but it doesn’t really matter). We can only hope the Lightning don’t make the playoffs so the 1-3-1 system can die, but the Flames play at 75% of their system and won’t be in the playoffs either.

Calgary can only mount attacks in spurts separated by full periods. At times the offence is stymied and their lines are lost, at other times they’re dominant. Why they insist on turning ‘it’ on and off is anybody’s guess. There are spurts of solid play, but 65% of a 60 minute hockey game means you lose more than you win. Calgary lost tonight because they got out hit, out worked, out scored, everything, for most of the game. Sure they tied it up, but too little too late.

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Short in Nashville: Flames 1 – Predators 2

Calgary falls back to .500 hockey as their brief winning streak came to a close. The Flames did well to beat underwhelming opposition like Carolina, Edmonton, and Colorado. They came up short against an improved Nashville team–this year’s Minnesota. Team’s who play a boring style of hockey like Nashville should be fined (albeit that would mean Calgary for year’s would’ve been paying :P).

Calgary can’t beat teams like Nashville, the simple matter is there’s no scoring when it counts. Who cares if you can score 7 against Carolina? Nashville isn’t even in the playoffs position (albeit in the race) and the Flames struggled to create scoring opportunities.

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