A win tonight against the Avs would not only kick all hopes for an Avalanche post-season out, but clinch a post-season berth for Calgary. There was much anticipation in the air as the Flames returned home after a successful week long jaunt around the NHL. Tonight, they would play a playoff style game with the home crowd eagerly awaiting.

How did it begin? Something like this: *Scream**Scream**Scream**chant**puckdrop* *crickets*. There was a 10 minute feeling out process where a bunch of dump and chase hockey went on. The refs didn’t like the game so they started calling penalties. That got special teams moving and from there the teams exchanged chances.

Midway through the first Calgary would find themselves shorthanded with Colorado pressing hard. Hejduk had a glorious chance to score but Kiprusoff came up BIG. There would no scoring in the first till the last minute and a half. Shorthanded yet again, Friesen split the D and managed SH goal. Hooray for Friesen, too bad with 11 seconds left in the period the tying goal glanced off his pad and beyond Kipper. Off to the second.

The penalty parade continued in the second for the Flames. Lately this has been a sore point for our defense. The third powerplay for the Avs would yield nothing. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t go back in the box. Either Calgary were dragging their feet or the refs are biased. I say a bit of both, but more of the former. Although Hamrlik scored first in the second, Colorado got two, one on the PP on a 5v3. The Flames would have to play from behind in the third.

Sakic Outshines Iginla, Again

Sakic only had three points going into the third with Iginla one second assist. Would the refs continue their parade for the Flames (Mick is fast becoming a public enemy around these parts). Sakic would continue his dominance and get his forth point, this time a goal.

The Flames would make it interesting by scoring late but it was way too little too late. Calgary were beaten and couldn’t figure out how to win (they also couldn’t figure out how to hit the net.) Problems? No, but we’ll play Detroit in the first round which will make things VERY difficult.