Defensive Mistakes Makes Vancouver Look Goooood

The season opened, and it couldn’t have finished for the night any faster. Face it Flames fans, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or (or a shinny goalie) to figure out the Vancouver Canucks will fizzle and scrap for the playoffs. They are a junky team with few real name players but a good goalie. The only problem, Calgary is worse–much worse. In a pathetic display from coaching to goalie to forwards, the opening game gave Canucks fans fat egos and exposed gaping holes in the inept Calgary team.

After an exceptionally long start time that favoured the Canucks (puck drop at 8:50 local time) Calgary showed glimpses of dominance. Earlier penalty trouble gave Calgary glorious chances with the man advantage including a 5v3 yet Calgary was unable to score.

Keenan Line Combos Confusing

What would have been beneficial would be to continue with some chemistry from the pre-season and last season. Instead Keenan literally spent the entire game experimenting with different lines. Although fans expect this kind of juggling, why would the likes of Conroy start on the first line? Is it necessary to play Bertuzzi on the first line?

More questions than answers for sure, but after the failed first period PP chances that saw Calgary miss wide open nets, Vancouver took the reigns from the Flames and never looked back scoring 6 unanswered goals.

Six unanswered goals that came off of six turnovers or penalties. Non stop referee aided parade to the box started in the second and ended at the final whistle. Shotty defensive play from forwards, laziness for on ice players picking up loose men (4 Flames around BUrrows when he scored his first), and an unmatched hunger for loose pucks gave Vancouver the exclusive edge in this affair.

One wonders if Calgary can turn it around. Well of course they can it’s game 1. Nothing to fear other than a lost club that couldn’t play basic hockey. Let’s see if the passion, hitting, fighting, and scoring (with some defensive flair) returns Saturday at home. One can only hope, and fans hope the team will give them a reason to blast Vancouver with ‘Vancouver sucks’ on national television.

Notes: The pre-game ceremony honoured the memory of Luc Bordon. Robyn Regher returned home to be with his wife who is delivering their first child.